Finding your Gioia (Joy) in Tuscany

In the early morning, just before the sun has fully risen, I like to stand barefoot on the grass in my yard. The stiff tuffs of the Italian blades of grass give my feet a welcomed massage as I flex and stretch my toes back and forth. I like to think I am giving Mother … Continue reading Finding your Gioia (Joy) in Tuscany


Pienza and Way of Luck

The volcanic (tufa) stones “crunched” and scattered from beneath my shoes as I scrambled down the pathway leading from IL Prato. With hand bag grasped in my left hand, map folded under my right arm and keys jingling in my pockets, I was left thinking “ I need to be better organized in the morning.” … Continue reading Pienza and Way of Luck

Arezzo, An Antique Market & Amore

When you are in Tuscany there is a precious sense of tranquillità (tranquility) that wraps itself around you and settles deep in the bones, la vita è bella (Life is Beautiful). I can literally sit for hours looking out the window which overlooks the garden, I never tire of the view. The “couples” cream rope … Continue reading Arezzo, An Antique Market & Amore