CastelnoVino VII Edizione – June 2, 2019 An Annual Tuscan Wine & Food Event, Castelnuovo Berardegna

“But if you come I shall pour for you

Eustruscan Chianti similar to ruby,

that kisses you and bites you

and makes you shed sweet tears”

– Fulvio Testi (1593-1646)


Castelnuovo Berardenga – Citta del Vino and Città Slow

Castelnuovo Berardenga (1366),   is a designated Città Slow (City of good living) due to its decidedly tranquil and peaceful way of life.

This includes a dedication to food quality as well as, all aspects of an Italian lifestyle.

This small citta has a strong and vibrant cultural heartbeat enjoyed by those of us fortunate to live nearby or visit.

The atmosphere is pure, unadulterated, Tuscan.

Castelnuovo Berardenga is also known as a Citta del Vino (City of Wine), a denomination bestowed on prominent Chianti cities which preserve the techniques and security of wine production.

Castelnuovo Berardenga is quite literally dipped in the Chianti Classico wine territory as it is, awash in a sea of the regions best wine producers.

A primo pairing of the Citta del Vino and Città Slow is CastelnoVino, an annual event held the first weekend of June.


Set in the magnificent 19th century Neoclassical Villa Chigi Saracini a private residence, which opens its decorative gates to host your walk through history. You will savour the best of the regions Chianti Classico wines while sampling authentic home-made Tuscan food.


Villa Chigi Saracini

After ascending the green carpet laid out for your arrival, you will explore this beautiful Villa and the romantic-styled park created by Agostino Fantastici in 1834.


Wine heaven awaits!

It is difficult not to feel like shedding a few “sweet tears” as you gaze upon the triple-arched bridge while Maestro Massimo Guerri live music floats through the air accompanied by soft Tuscan breezes.


The large twin-basin marble fountain designed by Sienese sculptor Tito Sarrocchi in front of the triple-arched bridge.

During the evening you will move blissfully through the Terzo Movomento  (three movements) of wine tasting; a time to see, a time to smell and a time to taste.


La Dolce Vita as seen through the wine glass.

The atmosphere is unpretentious and relaxed and if you wish, you can speak with the wine producers who will proudly introduce you to their Sangiovese wine creations.

Twenty-one “star” wine producers are participating.


The 21 Wine Producers.

As you mingle through the Tuscan crowd, the local Chianti Classico wines warm you.

 You must sample the locally prepared Tuscan dishes paired perfectly with the wine. 


Local Participating Eateries. 

The delicious Porchetta served by Salumi Minucci is done to perfection.


At dusk, the multicolored lighting takes hold and wraps you in a sea of color.

CastelnoVino is a Tuscan Wine and Food event for anyone who appreciates moving leisurely through the Terzo Movomento of wine tasting and left “kissed and bitten” by the ruby Chianti wines of  Tuscany. 











5 thoughts on “CastelnoVino VII Edizione – June 2, 2019 An Annual Tuscan Wine & Food Event, Castelnuovo Berardegna

  1. I wish we lived closer as this sounds like a great event to attend and enjoy. Of course I wouldn’t be able to decide what to try so would sample everything!


  2. Bellisimo. We are feeling we are also there, vicariously enjoying Tuscany through your eyes and words Carolyn…. Ahhhh.

    XO… John and Rozanne


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