Code of Ethics

This blog is intended to share my “joy” of living in Tuscany and in keeping with this goal, will be positive in nature. I feel there is enough writing, which centres on the negative aspects of societal life, thus my involvement is not necessary.

My blog posts are intended to be honest, fair and abide by the same standards that I hold others. Ethics and treating others fairly is a cornerstone of my personal and professional life.

* I have a right to an opinion and to share it freely.
* I will be fair and honest in my expression of what I see and the interpretation of my life events.
* I will use the power of my words in a positive manner.
* I will identify and link to other resources/sources whenever possible and feasible. Thus ensure you have the resource/source of information to check my reliability.
* I will strive to ensure my blog entries and related materials (pictures, titles, videos, quotations, books and web citations, etc.) do not misrepresent or provide information “out of context”.
* I will not take from someone else’s intellectual property and never represent their opinion as my interpretation or contrive it as factual.
* I will never distort my photographs without disclosing the source of the change and purpose for the change.
* I will let you know if anything I write is “questionable” and distinguish between that and my personal commentary.
* When approached by other individuals, blogger’s, business, etc., to advertise on my site, they will be required to abide by my code of ethics thus ensuring a good fit with my personal beliefs and values.
* I will make mistakes and learn from them.

My blog posts are not intended to cause harm or treat the sources and subjects of my blogs in a disrespectful manner. Respect is a cornerstone of my personal and professional life.

* I will demonstrate compassion for anyone who may be affected adversely by my Blog posts.
* I will use heightened sensitivity when dealing with children and or inexperienced sources or subjects.
* I will be sensitive when dealing with any topics such as a tragedy or grief.
* I will be sensitive regarding diversity and avoid stereotypes.
* I will respect that if the gathering and sharing of information may cause harm or discomfort, I will not pursue the information.
* I will recognize that private individuals have an amplified right to control personal/private information and pictures versus, those working in the public domain (officials, business owners, etc.).
* I will share information with those who are fully identified (private individual’s) prior to sharing, thus seeking their permission and prevent an intrusion into anyone’s privacy.
* I will demonstrate good taste.

My blog posts are intended to demonstrate accountability. Accountability is a cornerstone of my personal and professional life.

* I will admit my mistakes and correct them promptly.
* I will provide an opportunity for reader comments.
* I will disclose any conflicts of interest, affiliations, activities and or personal agendas.
* I will avoid favoured treatment to individuals or groups and resist pressure to influence content.
* I will disclose any exceptions and will disclose them fully to the reader.
* I will be wary of sources offering information for favours and will disclose any favours, if accepted.
* I will expose unethical practices of other bloggers.

Pleased note: As I have no control or responsibility for other web sites or content maintained by other parties/organizations, or for products/services offered by a third party. I therefore cannot assume liability for your use of any of the aforementioned sources/resources/products/services which will be used at your own risk.


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