Siena Parking – Il Campo Parking Garage

Parking in Siena

There are many parking areas in Siena but very few are free. Free parking spaces are outlined in white and paid parking spaces are outlined in blue.

Blue parking spaces are by the hour so you need have an idea of how long you will be sightseeing. Look for a meter nearby (a “P” sign is noted above the meters), go pay for the hours you think you’ll be staying. Place the ticket on your car dashboard so that it is visible. You will get a ticket if your time runs out. Google parking in Siena to find the parking nearest you.


I always park in the Il Campo parking garage because it is in close proximity to my Casale (country home) and it is easy to find.

The Il Campo parking garage is located near the historic centre of Siena and you must walk through Piazza del Campo to get to many destinations such as Torre del Mangia and Palazzo Pubblico. Therefore, the walk to and from the Il Campo parking garage is a healthy and enjoyable addition to any day. The walk down and up may be steep for those with any disabilities.

The Il Campo parking lot is spacious and good signage leads you as you enter through the impressive Porta Tufi archway. The parking lot center is narrow and as I circle around the interior with my vehicle, it reminds me of a giant cork screw (wine lovers will enjoy this garage).

HOURS: Daily 24 hours a day

RATES: € 2,00 per hour, 1 day parking pass: € 35,00
and 3 days parking pass: € 85,00

**There are some free parking spaces outside of the Il Campo Parking Garage. The further you are from the citte (city) centre the more free spots there are available.